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How accurately are you predicting your customers’ Christmas purchases?

How accurately are you predicting your customers’ purchases

A lot rests on how good retailers are in their predictions of what will appear on customers’ festive shopping lists this year.  As well as marketing campaign planning, many will have been carefully evaluating their stock provision to ensure they fully capitalise on what is often the best trading season of the year and get their retail forecasting spot on.

In doing so, many will have invariably drawn in some way on previous customer buying patterns.  The really savvy ones will have used web data to create a far deeper and accurate understanding.


What insights does your web data bring?

A customer’s purchase is only the very tip of the iceberg that is their customer journey with your organisation.  By looking deeper into that customer journey you can learn valuable lessons about:

  • How often they engage with your organisation’s marketing assets, for example your website or facebook ads
  • Which they engage with and which they don’t
  • How long they interact with them for
  • What products/services they investigated but didn’t go on to purchase

The information here will create a more 3 dimensional view of what people have looked at and done in the past. It looks beyond the transaction they made to encompass everything else they considered and engaged with in your organisation’s offering.  And armed with that information you can then have greater clarity about what they will do in the future.

In fact the insights you gain can help you to…

  • fine-tune marketing strategies,
  • adjust campaign messaging and timing,
  • finesse specific offers and aspects of the sales process

…so your organisation builds even greater customer engagement and reduces the volume of purchases lost to its rivals.


Why it’s crucial to organise your web data tracking now

If you haven’t got specific tracking on your site and in your campaigns, it’s important to get it in place ahead of this festive season.  Tracking will then be working for your organisation to help with your preparations and planning for Christmas 2019.

At Fusion Analytics, our WebFusion technology can track how people come to your site, their interactions with your various online and offline marketing campaigns and the journey they take when considering your products/services in the buying process.

We bring the results of the tracking into user-friendly dashboards and management information reports. These enable you to see straight away:

  • which elements of your marketing efforts are working
  • which part of the sales process are moving customers toward a purchase and which aren’t

Collectively these help you to spot and strengthen weak spots in the customer journey and ensure you don’t over or underestimate potential interest (and stock) as we run up to Christmas.


It isn’t too late

Rest assured it isn’t too late to review web data insights so you can really make the festive season a success for your organisation this year and going forward.   Contact the Fusion Analytics team for help in getting your predictions and preparations spot on. E or  T: 0203 2875387