Bespoke data integration

Building a solid data foundation

As your organisation grows technology is accumulated, often for good reason, but it becomes a challenge to keep track of it all. As you try to move forward, reducing pressures on internal teams through automation or improving customer experience with more information, you will need a central repository for all your data.

The challenge is that you have, varying structures, orphan records (data in one system and not another), mis-aligned KPIs, or sometime just a complicated technical landscape.

Your specific need or challenge will be unique to you. Here we just want to give an idea of how we might approach your challenge.

What we consider:

  1. How often is data needed to be merged – Anything shorter than a week really needs automation, but if you are running weekly or monthly reports often this is best done manually
  2. Do inputs change format – A key challenge with automating data is to have a consistent format, as it saves data cleansing further down the line.
  3. Scale of data & regularity of feed – There are pros and cons to real time reporting, from a technical perspective, as it can save large “bulk” processing and down time
  4. Is there a way we can capture all the data in one place – Sometimes changing tools is the best approach

Some delivery options:

Here are a few examples of approaches we can deploy:

RequirementExample delivery approachOutput
A one time project, where a combine data set is requireA hand built data set, quickly pulled together to focus on key insightsA single combined data set
A monthly reportA manually triggered batch process, where reports are manually checked and interpretive insights providedA repeatable code set, with cleansed outputs
A regular daily or real time reportA fully integrated system, hosted and in the cloud with minimal manual input.A hosted solution to pull data from source, transpose and push to appropriate locations
Complex and integrated web dataUse WebFusion to capture appropriate keys and either; absorb other system data feeds or push data to another system.A WebFusion deployment with integration

Some use cases to consider:

  1. Small to mid-sized retailer wanting a one off report to identify customer segments
  2. Software company wants to incorporate web activity data for their target buyers and target organisation in their CRM solution
  3. Insurance company needs to provide cross system reports for regular contract obligations
  4. Publisher wants to align their website KPIs with offline KPIs

What our clients have to say:

We were really impressed by Fusion Analytics. Their accreditations and experience were reassuring and they certainly lived up to their reputation. During the course of the project they were able to flex to changing requirements and also came in on budget. Working with their team was a very positive experience and they certainly made our lives a lot easier despite it being a complex assignment.
Chief Technical Officer, at a Life Insurance company

Fusion were a flexible and dynamic partner working alongside our team to provide a best of breed solution for our clients. I would happily recommend them again and look forward to working with them in the future.
Head of Solutions, at an international data analytics software company

It was great to work with a team who had a working knowledge of our tools and approaches. It meant our requests could be managed within a wider process enabling us to focus on our core work load.
Data Scientist, at an international data analytics software company

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