Data Analytics Services

Fed up with hearing about Data Science?

There are some genuinely impressive applications of data science around, typically these have a core function like a computer program being able to identify the products in a picture, or interactive chat BOTs. However Data Science is an over used term to generalise what is essentially a mixture of programming, statistics and other data analytics services.

We try to make complicated things simple!

Our data analytics services team use traditional bespoke methodologies to organise data into pragmatic solutions. So for instance:

  • We rank things: Tools like our third party data modelling essentially ranks the UK consumers with a likelihood to buy your product
  • We predict outcomes: What will this person do next? What will my sales be in a years time? We can provide your best guess!
  • We group people: Creating segmentation’s to analysis cohorts of people, is a great way to visualize who you are talking about
  • We focus on the core information: There are so many  self-fulfilling prophecies out there, variables often meaning similar things, we can reduce this to focus on core trends

However, underneath we are actually using advanced statistics

The approaches may be traditional, however the ability to use these properly can yield great results. Our analysts can improve performance by 72% compared to existing methods, and that performance increase comes from our approach and years of experience.

Our team include a mixture of skilled programmers, and academics like Dr Brian Birkhead who ensure that we can:

  1. Get the data into the right shape, ensuring its robustness and quality
  2. Take the best analytics approach
  3. Deploy and action the solutions, as a model or segmentation is only as good as how you use it

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