Working with agency partners to deliver complex digital & data projects

Around 80% of our work comes through our 20+ partner network. We work well with others! In many cases agencies bring us in because we either; fill a skills gap with a high level product or service often with a better result or lower risk than recruitment, or because our technology offering compliments their services.

Licensing WebFusion to CRM agencies to include customer journey data in their solutions

This was one of the original designs of our product WebFusion. Our agency partner already has on average over 40 feeds of data into their SCV solution per retail or ecommerce client.

Digital data had a range of challenges for them:

  • Digital reports from Google Analytics would not reconcile to the database (often because it was over triggered or missed in GA)
  • The customer journey data, such as channels used or content viewed, or products added to basket, were reported in isolation on other systems. But could not be reported centrally
  • Customer signals were not reported at an individual level

WebFusion could be deployed on their clients sites and then feed directly into the SCV solution. This centralized the data; which could then be pushed out into ESPs, reporting tools like PowerBI, and be available for complex analysis.

WebFusion provided a single version of truth about digital data, helping consolidate online reporting, with attribution and customer insight tasks.

Supporting data analytics agencies with digital reporting

Many of us have come from a data & analytics background; using tools like SAS, R & python to analyse customer data. These tools & processes can deliver huge incremental value through actionability & insights.

Digital data is a totally different ball game, it is often held in separate third party system, which only provide an aggregated view. To capture data requires complex knowledge about tagging & how websites work.

Whilst many digital tools are free & fairly easy to get started they can quite quickly go wrong; and errors soon snow ball reducing confidence in the data across the business.

Fusion’s team is used to working in the blended world of digital data & reporting systems and complex “big data” analytics with large volumes of data.

Whilst WebFusion can solve many of the issues analytics agencies have with reporting, our team can also be used to help deliver digital analytics projects in GA, so examples include:

  • Helping an asset manager with 210+ GA properties provide an automate & centralized reporting system in GA with a 95% reduction in errors
  • Forensically analyzing GTM & GA tag data for complex B2B, eCommerce, & stock trading websites to reconcile with offline reports
  • Creating structure Google Data Studio reports to review the user journey of an insurance companies quoting process

Helping insight agencies create new actionable data based solutions

The trouble most research projects that a survey is run on a small number of people, to understand “why” something is happening. However at a customer level it is very difficult to then apply these findings.

Fusion Analytics has helped a number of research teams make their data more actionable, often by integrating research data with other datasets to deliver new products and services

A few examples of this are:

  • Running attitudinal surveys off lifestyle data to model out responses for customer acquisition
  • To support the transfer of a research based model and segmentation onto other data sets
  • Integrate NPS & customer satisfaction with digital data to understand how a customer journey influences opinion
  • Using customer data to deliver insight requirements; making projects more actionable