WebFusion Reporting Demo

Welcome to the WebFusion Reporting Demo.

WebFusion is a Customer Data capture Platform, meaning that it captures and process digital data and integrates it into offline data sources. The following demos are to highlight the type of data that we can capture, however your solution will be customized and tailored to your needs.

If you have not seen it already, please review the presentation saved here: Overview presentation. This provides a bit of background about our product and its application.

We have a range of demos for you.


Introduction to WebFusion:

This provides a brief overview of the different types of data and outputs that we collect:


Enhancing Attribution:

Struggling with what parts of your marketing is working? WebFusion can help capture the entire customer journey both online and offline, providing more options for your attribution analysis and reporting.

Strategic Trigger based marketing:

Are your customers confused? Abandon basket plugins can often contradict the rest of your planned marketing; introducing the wrong offering at the wrong time. Look at how rich the customer data sets can be and imagine how you can reshape your campaigns: