Data Consultancy

Our consultants are here to help

Our consultants combine many years’ data management, development and analytics experience. They have advised on projects ranging from the very simple to the highly complex.

Typical projects include:

• Streamlining data collection from multiple disparate sites into a centralised management information hub
• Diagnosing errors in data collection and tagging and correcting them
• Simplifying complex and conflicting data analytics systems and reporting
• Helping businesses better manage their raw data
• Helping businesses to regain control over their data
• Web governance audits, reviews and establishing new procedures going forward
• Advanced statistical, forecasting and predictive modelling

Our consultancy approach typically involves these 3 elements

  • Define projects or analytical products
  • Measure business value
  • Identify key tools & partners
  • Integrate data into a single location for reporting & analytics
  • Support developing your own custom solution
  • Or utilize existing tools
  • Profiling, segmentation & model building
  • Data quality, cleaning & mining
  • Reporting & automation

Project Manager
“Fusion Analytics set out and stuck to a clear delivery process for the project. They provided an accurate delivery timescale and met all their delivery predictions. Along the way we were most impressed by their clear communications and the easy access we had to different members of their team. They were responsive, enthusiastic and diligent and helped us to tailor communications to meet the information needs of different stakeholders in the business.”

Business Analyst
“It was a delight to work with the Fusion Analytics team on this project. They forged a great working relationship with us and soon became a valued partner and natural extension of our team working on the assignment. We were most impressed by their knowledge and how highly skilled team members were. They gave great recommendations and provided valuable training to support the project’s success.”

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