Web-user Governance Guide

With more and more businesses using online products and subscriptions for their operations, the need for tighter access control over their ever-growing accounts is intensifying. Fusion Analytics have developed a web-user governance guide to help organisations monitor and control user access to their various online accounts.


Current risks to businesses

Many free or subscription online software often require personal (or company employee) email addresses to access products. Good examples of this include all Google products (analytics, data studio, tag manager, docs), social media accounts, online CRM tools and social media management tools like buffer. Some of these accounts may also have company credit card details saved within the user account.

Whilst companies have policies to manage access to their own software and systems, they often struggle to apply the same controls over their online tools. Problems arise when:

  • An employee moves on, or become dis-enfranchised, and yet still has access to key platforms (including customer or company data), for some time.
  • The organisation has multiple users from a mixture of internal departments and agencies using the tools. With each can crop up different skill sets, objectives and approach; it is important however to have a standard approach.
  • Too many people are making changes to the organisation’s digital assets without alignment to central procedures, rules and protocols – a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth!
  • Changes to the likes of tags or adding in lots of plug-ins can lead to conflicts and problems – such as a drop in website speed or accuracy in analytics.


Regain control of your organisation’s online software accounts

Fusion Analytics have created a simple web-user governance guide.  Our team’s audit will result in you gaining a practical guide with an easy-to-update central log for your organisation. It will document:

  • What online software/media accounts are in place
  • What users have access rights to which accounts and at what level
  • Tags and cookies in place and their purpose, as well as who is responsible for them
  • Company procedures, protocols and rules for updating/managing online accounts and digital assets

This log will enable your organisation to easily track, update and protect its accounts going forward. It also greatly supports GDPR compliance.

The log can be referenced and updated as and when employees come (or go) and different agencies are brought in to work on a specific account. It establishes the protocols and rules for any development going forward and, as a result, will enable your organisation to remain in control of its digital assets and their effectiveness.


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