Fusion Analytics is a data consultancy offering services to solve your everyday business challenges in relation to data and analytics.

Our data management consultants are experts in integrating, analysing and improving marketing and sales data. We help organisations gain a clearer picture of their marketing and sales effectiveness. We integrate, harmonise and improve data quality to deliver robust and reliable reports for business decision-making.

We offer a range of services including

List rental modelling

Improve your conversion performance via third party data lists with our data modelling.

Our modelling approach has been proven to increase conversion performance when using third party lists for sales and marketing by up to 30%

Web user governance

We are specialists in formulating web governance policies and procedures for maintaining and managing a website.

This ensures you have tighter control over your online accounts held, user access levels, tags and cookies in use and protocols on updating digital data.

Data audits

Looking at the data you hold as a business, we can provide recommendations on how you might best utilise it in terms of your systems and process.

Bespoke data integration

We can build that central repository or database to ensure the data you hold is integrated and providing the valuable management information you need.

Data analytics

Our data consultants can help with segmenting, modelling and predicting customer behaviour. We can ensure ensure you understand what your customers are doing, to know how to then market to them more effectively.

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Complimenting the consultancy arm is our software product Webfusion

Common challenges we resolve

Our consultants are masters in data integration and have a particular specialism for marketing and sales data. We help organisations better understand their customer and prospect behaviour. They in turn use the insights to gain new customers and retain existing ones ultimately enhancing business performance.

Typical projects we get involved with

  • Streamlining data collection from multiple disparate sites into a centralised management information hub
  • Diagnosing errors in data collection, tagging and correcting them
  • Simplifying complex and conflicting data analytics systems and reporting
  • Helping businesses better manage their raw data
  • Running web governance audits, reviews and establishing new procedures going forward
  • Conducting advanced statistical, forecasting and predictive modelling
  • Looking at opportunities in the customer base – proactive retention analysis, campaign analysis reports, saturation analysis of customer base
  • Running data audits to identify overlaps in data sources and create single customer views
  • Analysing a website in terms of its tagging set up and performance
  • Aiding customer segmentation projects

Our approach

Our consultancy approach typically involves 3 elements…


  • Defining projects or analytical products
  • Measuring business value
  • Identifying key tools & partners


  • Integrating data into a single location for reporting & analytics
  • Supporting the development of our clients own custom solution
  • Utilising existing tools


  • Profiling, segmenting & model building
  • Improving data quality via cleaning & mining
  • Enhancing reporting & automation

Why clients turn to us

We resolve their data challenges and equip them with the management information they really need. For example…

  1. Identifying ‘who’ an otherwise unknown online person is, in terms of their behaviour
  2. Creating a holistic view of their customers across different channels
  3. Reducing their tagging effort, by capturing more tags and cleaning them in the reports
  4. Changing data historically, to test new web segments, to clean incorrect tags, or support with website migrations
  5. Simplifying multi-site reporting – for example, capturing everything once rather than having to tag each event multiple times for different “views”
  6. Tracking activity across other digital platforms like banner ads, emails, or affiliate sites with your own pixel
  7. Stitching data together in terms of traffic across domains, users across devices, impressions across channels.

“Fusion Analytics set out and stuck to a clear delivery process for the project. They provided an accurate delivery timescale and met all their delivery predictions. Along the way we were most impressed by their clear communications and the easy access we had to different members of their team. They were responsive, enthusiastic and diligent and helped us to tailor communications to meet the information needs of different stakeholders in the business.”

Project Manager

“It was a delight to work with the Fusion Analytics team on this project. They forged a great working relationship with us and soon became a valued partner and natural extension of our team working on the assignment. We were most impressed by their knowledge and how highly skilled team members were. They gave great recommendations and provided valuable training to support the project’s success.”

Business Analyst

Some of our clients

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