3 things to have on your radar for 2019

3 things for your data and analytics 2019 radar 

As 2018 draws to a close many businesses are embarking on evaluating and planning their activities in the year ahead.  When it comes to developments in marketing, sales, data and analytics issues, here are our team’s thoughts on what 3 things should be on your radar.


Web Governance

Data and analytics 2019 prediction 3In the rush to be GDPR compliant in 2019 many businesses tried to do a quick fix on their cookie policies and web governance approach.  Going forward, it’s also important to continually assess your web governance is still fit for purpose.  This is particularly true if your team has been very fluid in recent years and you haven’t reviewed tags or changed passwords as people have come and gone.

Be careful of past members of your team still having access to your different online accounts such as social media platforms.  Make sure your organisation is still in complete control over its web governance and if you need help, do get in touch.


e-Privacy Regulation

Data and analytics 2019 prediction 2After the frenetic activity around GDPR in 2018, don’t think you can rest on your laurels. Still on the cards for 2019 is a planned update to the e-Privacy Regulation. During 2018 there have been a number of revisions to the European Commission’s draft proposals. This regulation will impact on consent, cookies and direct marketing.

It is likely to replace the current the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). What’s not currently clear though is when the new EU ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) will be revealed and implemented in 2019, which makes it harder for businesses and marketers to plan.  Keep an eye out for later developments so you can give yourself time to implement any changes.


Better insights, greater accountability…. and fast!

Data and analytics 2019 prediction 3

With all the political and economic upheaval around, businesses will have to be even more agile to respond to change and capitalise on sudden market trends. In order to do this though they’ll need clearer business insights from their operations… and fast!

We see sales and marketing teams facing greater pressure in the year ahead to produce better management information to enable senior teams to navigate their organisations through immense change.

Sub-standard or vague analytics won’t impress, so teams will need to ensure they are more accountable and have access to accurate data metrics that different stakeholders can trust and use.  If you would like help improving the clarity and insights from your data to power better results in 2019, do get in touch.


Can we help?

The Fusion Analytics team wish you a highly successful 2019.  If we can help in any way to integrate your data to power better business performance, please get in touch.

Throughout 2018 we have helped and guided many organisations to gain the clarity and insights they need from data to achieve great business results. Can we help you do the same in 2019?