What needs to be at the top of your Marketing and Analytics agenda for 2024?

  1. Embracing the use of AI:

The hot topic of 2023 will be firmly in 2024, as we need to learn how to embrace the use of AI. As a business it is about understanding what AI can do to compliment where you are in terms of adopting it.

You could use it for simple data preparation, or to create marketing visuals, or generate tailored email content according to a customer profile.

How much or little it can be used is down to the company, but it is clear a strategy is needed to be using it to keep up with the changing business world.

We wrote an article on how AI is helping with Marketing which you might find useful.

2. Building a solid data foundation which is secure and compliant:

AI and analytics need a firm data foundation with solid data compliance.

Companies are typically looking at using data warehouses for analytical tasks, and data lakes for AI and ML.

Once in place, our Director Howard has shared how to be more data driven by utilising his Hierarchy of Data Decisioning needs in this video here

3. The move to self serve and data visualisation

Self-serve and real time visualisation, particularly when combined with the use of AI, is about enabling those that aren’t analysts or coders to self- serve and make data driven decisions.

A lot of companies want to be using data to drive decision making and others trying to change their culture to work in that way, so this is about having the tools to be able to do that.

4. The new government data protection rules

The government has confirmed they will be changing the data protection regime and digital protection rules. Our article here summarised the potential impact on Marketing. The final changes are yet to be announced, so one to monitor in the New Year and understand what it means to your business.

If Fusion analytics can help with any of your data and analytical business problems don’t hesitate to get in touch. We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy 2024!