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10 Reasons to Outsource your Analytics

10 Reasons to Outsource your Analytics

Companies are increasingly looking to outsource their analytical needs, rather than recruit internally or use existing analytical staff. The strengths of another business can be invaluable and below are the 10 reasons why this might be:

  1. The right tool for the right job – Whilst internal staff are highly skilled at understanding your business, consultants are highly skilled at applying cutting edge methods to your business. People from outside you company can also help to show a different perspective than what your current one might be. This new point of view can allow for successful changes to be made that will benefit the whole company.
  2. Bandwidth – Despite internal staff maybe having responsibility of an analytical remit, often they are so busy in the day to day, that they do not have the space to think differently or revolutionise existing practices. Therefore having an external resource means your existing staff can continue with their day jobs.
  3. Quality assurance – A good consultant should ensure a certain level of deliverable. When working from within your own company you cannot guarantee results as you would be the one trying to guarantee them. Because of this, if mistakes are made and the deliverable doesn’t occur you have nothing to fall back on.
  4. New ideas – Consultants work with a wide range of sectors and can bring new knowledge to your sector. It can be hard especially when working in a specialised area to find new ideas from different companies. However, with a consultancy we have helped companies from financial services to retail. This means you can find the right solution for your company from our wealth of knowledge.
  5. Results based – Consultants live and die by their latest results, and they tend to survive for a reason. If a consultant cannot get the results requested then the image of the consultant is affected. This means that they will always have your best interests and motives as a top priority.
  6. Scalability – Resources can expand and contract with need. Due to the fact we have a team of staff available to help when needed, means that we can bring people on when and as needed. This is far quicker and more cost effective than finding or reducing the amount of staff on an issue.
  7. Reliability – Contractors, like employees, tend to work for 1 company for a given period. If you use a contractor and then pause a project there is a high chance you won’t get them back and will need to start again.
  8. Infrastructure – Through dealing with an outsourced solution they will provide the tools for job as well as implementing those tools. This means that you don’t have to spend the upfront cost to get the correct infrastructure running before dealing with an issue.
  9. Cost – Although this will depend on the service it can often be cheaper than either moving current staff to another position or hiring new staff to fill a position needed. This would only be part of the cost as well. Often other costs such as the servers, training and or software can all be a factor.
  10. None to little upkeep – By outsourcing your analytics you can focus on the things which matter most to your business. Most managers or business owners don’t want the hassle of maintaining a solution and especially if anything were to go wrong; the increase in time needed could have a real effect on business. Further to this keeping any solution updated and working in the best possible way can be difficult, however, this is their job and innovating is motivated by competition in their own area.

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