Case Studies

The Nordique



Nordique is a successful blog and e-commerce site focusing on the life and style of all Nordic countries.
However, Nordique was having troubles finding what was driving the traffic to the site. This is where we helped them progress.

We took a three step approach

  • Gain what understanding we could from the existing reporting
  • Implement Google Tag Manager to control the overall tracking across the site, feeding:
    1. Google analytics to provide a more granular result, such as country of origin and source of clicks
    2. Our web integration platform WebFusion to capture personal details of buyers so that we can customize their on and off line experience
  • Provide recommendations on:
    1. How to attract more customers, using; SEO, Google Adwords, and linking with other sites
    2. How to maintain customers through:
      1. Creating a newsletter program
      2. Capturing data to personalize the customer journey
      3. Increase sales on the website

How can I find out more?

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