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Analytics and Market Research

Do you use market research to find new insights, and predict trends? Do you have difficulty in applying these findings?

Analytics and Market Research

Using data science and analytics it is possible to map the market research results back to a customer data set using either; internal data like transactions and web browsing, or external datasets containing life-stage, demographic, and interest variables. This combined view can then be used to make the right business decisions, both strategically and at an individual level basis.

Community panel specialist Verve ( has engaged with Fusion to provide ongoing deliverable analytical solutions to their wide range of clients.

The concept of community panels is fantastic, providing an in-depth view of how people’s perception is changing over time and getting a true idea of the ‘why’ people do what they do. With Fusion’s analytical support these insights will be more actionable than ever.

Having already delivered the proven results from past projects, the use of analytics in market research looks to be an interesting and valuable proposition.

Are you struggling to get value out of your database, or spending money on market research and unsure of the value add?

Then get in touch to see what Fusion and Verve can do for you.

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