Customer Insight

See what your customers are doing on your website

Anyone who has spent a long time on Google Analytics will come to the point where they simply cannot get the information they want from the reporting interface. Good examples of this include the sequence of sources that a person uses to get to the site in the first page, then perhaps a sequence of events and page views that lead to an action, or identifying what pages a given customer has actually seen.

Common problems

The set up and tagging of your site can sometimes be improved to start capturing this information, however it can be frustrating to know that the data is there now, but you have to wait until the new tags capture enough information to evaluate your new criteria. Then you have a web-governance challenge – that your new data capture over-inflates your actions per page view (as you capture more actions) and therefore your Year on Year comparisons will be wrong or biased.

Furthermore, you may have a wealth of information on customers within your Single Customer View; however those segments and offline orders cannot be tied back to the customer journey. Which means that you only get half the picture.

A simple solution

WebFusion from Fusion Analytics captures the digital tracking data from your website, including personal identifiers. As we hold this data in our own databases, we can interrogate that data and produce any reports or insights that we like; to the most granular level.


Visit information integrated into your Single Customer View (SCV)

With WebFusion you can see the full customer details alongside web activity, sources used, and engagement online.

It flags what sequence of events leads to a journey and includes:

  1. Sources used
  2. Visits within a given time frame
  3. Content viewed

Remember! That all of this is your data, so if you are interested in targeting these people, you can request a data feed of online activity or triggers.

Product, category, engagement and usage data

Here is an example of some top-line category information that you may want to see from WebFusion’s functionality.

We can break these types of reports down, by those that have received offline catalogues, people that have had specific journeys and much more!

Remember, that as we have all the raw data we can customise our reports to fit your needs!


For more information, or to see the reports in action, check request to view our web demo by clicking here.