Howard Thompson


Howard Thompson

Having worked with some of the largest companies and brands in the world, and some of the smallest start ups, the common challenge is how to leverage data effectively. By using his skills as a statistician and developer Howard can help you achieve your goals and deliver measurable value.


Starting as an analyst for over 130 brands  at Transactis, Howard since has worked in senior positions at agencies such as Berry Thompson, Greenstone data solutions, TCP marketing solutions and Beyond analysis. From these experiences Howard has built a great understanding for what a clients needs are along with the technical know how to make these come to fruition.

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With a degree in mathematics from Leeds university, Howard has a strong applied mathematics and statistics background.

Having spent 10 years as a marketing optimisation expert, looking at marketing mix, and contact allocation and insight, he has led a mixture of software development, consultancy and  analytical teams for a variety of companies.

Some of the tools that Howard has used include: SAS, SPSS,, vba,, php, Javascript, SQL, Tableau.

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As the director of Fusion Analytics Howard takes a hand on approach when needed to make sure your business gets the best possible results. Howard’s technical skills always mean that you will come away from any meeting having learnt something from your data, or set up the processes to do so in the future.

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